Odebrecht has a diverse supply chain due to the nature and geographical scope of its Businesses. Group Companies are committed to guiding their suppliers about procedures, performance requirements and good practices of corporate governance, ethics and transparency. The guidelines for this conduct are set out in the Supplier Code of Conduct, a document widely disseminated to business partners and available for download on the Odebrecht Group’s institutional website.

The management of suppliers is carried out in a decentralized manner. Each Business is responsible for cost analysis, the quality of products and services purchased, and adherence to the Code of Conduct and Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) regulations and requirements. Supply chain structures are maintained to make purchasing processes more efficient, with an emphasis on cost reduction, logistical gains, economies of scale, optimization of resources, development of sustainable partnerships, those of other activities.

All supply contracts include specific clauses to ensure good compliance practices and address human and labor rights. To qualify to be contracted, the supplier must comply, in full, with the legal and additional compliance established by the Odebrecht Group, presenting, whenever requested, documents confirming the legality of its operations and a financial evaluation, among others. In specific cases, site visits are made to the contractors to attest to the fulfillment of all the requirements.

Whenever possible, the Business units map small and local suppliers and, once they are considered qualified to meet the contracting scope at the required levels, those firms are prioritized over larger companies.

The Ethics Line channel is available on the Odebrecht Group’s website, as well as those of its Businesses, so that various stakeholders, including suppliers, can contribute information that strengthens transparency and trust between the parties. All complaints are investigated, and remedial measures are taken to ensure the correct outcome of any occurrences.