Confidence in people and their ability and desire to grow and develop is the basis of Odebrecht’s entire culture. Its Leaders are committed to educating their team members through work, giving them their time and attention and helping them make choices and overcome challenges from the time when they are still interns or Young Partners.

Education through Work, which takes place from day to day while serving Clients, is supplemented by programs aimed at offering Members opportunities to increase and hone their knowledge and skills. It includes technical education programs for people working in operational areas and strategic programs to improve skills and broaden multidisciplinary knowledge.

“The world is always changing and companies have to keep pace with those changes. My generation brings a more critical point of view, a tremendous desire to change and reinvent. We can make a huge contribution to the major social and corporate changes the world requires”

André Yusiasu,
Member of Odebrecht TransPort

From left, Members Glaucia Castro, Talmir Junior, Arieli de Souza, Raissam Saldanha, Tatiana Tamae, Arthur Santana, Gustavo Espinheira and Carolina Gomes Weclerle