Support Companies

Teles Pires Hydroelectric Power Plant in Mato Grosso

Odebrecht Energy Supplier

This company provides support for the Odebrecht Group’s Businesses in the purchase and sale of electricity. It also provides services related to the sale of energy, ensuring market intelligence, regulation, contract management and risk management in the domestic and international markets. Considering the varied loads, profiles and generation sources, in addition to the physical location of the various generation and consumption centers, the company seeks to identify synergies between suppliers and consumers and, through a single platform, providing flexible solutions and scale gains. Odebrecht Energy Supplier’s Shareholders include Odebrecht Energy, Odebrecht TransPort, Odebrecht Environmental, Odebrecht Agroindustrial and Braskem.

Indicators in 2015

  • 16 power plants in Brazil, 1 in Peru and 1 in Panama
  • 19 free consumption units
  • 1,196 MW of installed power generation capacity in Brazil and 680 MW abroad
  • Loads: 635 average MW or 5,571 average MW
  • BRL 1 billion in contracts managed

Odebrecht Insurance Broker

Created in 1978 to ensure the Organization’s business security, Odebrecht Insurance Broker (OCS) develops innovative solutions in the transfer of risks to the national and international insurance and reinsurance markets. OCS provides the following services: Risk Management, Availability of Insurance Lines and Guarantees, Creation of Integrated Solutions for Projects and Businesses, and Management of Members’ Life and Health Risks, as well as Auxiliary Travel International Insurance and Rent Guarantee Insurance. The company acts in accordance with the Organization’s Finance and Bonds Policy. Over the past 25 years, more than USD 29 billion in bonds have been issued without any losses to their guarantors.

Indicators in 2015

  • 135,180 covered by Life Insurance policies
  • 174,564 covered by Health Insurance policies
  • 92,668 covered by Dental Insurance policies
  • Total insurance: USD 75.5 billion
    (at December 31, 2015)
  • Total Bonds: USD 14.7 billion
    (at December 31, 2015)

Odebrecht Retirement Fund

Created in 1995, the company supports Odebrecht’s Members in building equity to be enjoyed after retirement during the post-career period of their lives. It offers financial and social security education and manages the Odeprev Plan – a supplementary pension plan for Brazilian Members working in Brazil and abroad.

Indicators in 2015

  • Total participants: 20,325
  • Assets managed: BRL 2.4 billion
  • Profitability in 2015 per investment profile:
    Short term - 13.35%
    Post-Career 2020 - 10.57%
    Post-Career 2025 - 7.70%
    Post-Career 2030 - 8.30%