Odebrecht Latinvest


Odebrecht Latinvest was created in 2012 to consolidate highway concessions already granted in Peru and Colombia and identify new opportunities to invest in and operate transport and logistics systems in Latin America (except Brazil).



  • Ruta del Sol


  • Sul Peruano Gas Pipeline
  • IIRSA North Highway
  • IIRSA South Highway
  • Rutas de Lima


  • Serving 168 million users on almost 2,400 km of highways in Peru and Colombia.
  • Recycling o82% of solid waste, equivalent to 13,600 tons.
  • Biomass conversion of 76% of recycled material, resulting in the production of enough electricity to meet the needs of approximately 380 people in a year.
  • Reduction in CO2e emissions - totaling 4,960 tons - with the use of new operation and maintenance techniques.
  • Treatment of 2,700 m³ of the total water consumed in offices and toll plazas and its reuse in sanitary systems and irrigation of green areas

Ownership structure

Over 1,000 km long, Ruta del Sol, in Colombia, is one of the most important highways in the country