Member testing water quality: the company treats and supplies industrial reuse water to the ABC Petrochemical Complex in São Paulo State.

Odebrecht Environmental

Created in 2008, Odebrecht Environmental invests in and operates projects in three segments: Water and Sewage - through public-private partnerships and public concessions; Utilities - in outsourced utility plants for industrial operations and the supply of reuse water, and Waste - the treatment and disposal of industrial and civil construction waste and the diagnosis and remediation of contaminated areas.


  • 17 million beneficiaries in 179 cities in Brazil.
  • Beginning of operations in Maranhão and Sumaré, totaling around 560,000 residents.
  • More than BRL 3 million invested in socio-environmental responsibility programs and projects.
  • 50,000 liters of oil collected through the Olho Vivo Program, which educates the public about the product’s damage to plumbing and sewer pipes, encourages correct disposal and provides adequate treatment of the oil collected.
  • 24 socio-environmental programs carried out, directly benefiting 660,000 people.
  • The Aquapolo project garnered 1st place in the General category of the Infrastructure 360º Awards - a prize bestowed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Harvard University.


Water and Sewer
Services in 179 municipalities in the Brazilian states of SP, SC, RS, RJ, ES, BA, PE, TO, PA, GO, MG and MA.

Services for industrial projects in the states of MG, SP, RJ, SC, BA and RS

ervices in the states of RN, PB, PE, AL, BA, RJ, SP, BA, AM, PA, MA, CE, SE and ES.

Ownership structure

Subholding Utilities: