Constant renewal. This idea has permeated Odebrecht’s philosophy and practice for 72 years, since its inception. People are renewed through the continual hiring of young people; technologies, through incentives for innovation and better production processes. Concepts and behaviors are also renewed, reflecting what is right, in line with the needs of Clients, investors and society.

It is no different today. The vulnerabilities revealed in the recent past have led Odebrecht to intensify renewal in all its spheres of activity, particularly regarding conduct and communication with the public. This report contains an in-depth presentation of the steps taken to achieve this goal, including the indicators for 2015 and initiatives carried out over the course of 2016 to implement a robust Compliance System.

Renewal means change. Just as Nature periodically replaces old leaves with new ones, so Odebrecht also renews itself in cycles. It also means communicating. Replacing outdated practices with open dialogue and transparent and ethical practices in all the Group’s Businesses. There is just one final aim: growth. Growing to continue serving the communities in which the Group is present, working towards a better future for all.