Vinícius Alves, from Odebrecht Environmental, and Daniel Tanlyama de Barros, from Odebrecht Real Estate Developments

Odebrecht Entrepreneurial
Technology (TEO)

“Although we always have vast technological resources at our disposal, we must not forget that we are working with people, and we have to appreciate them and make them feel valued”

Daniela Bisi Zea Salas,
Member of Odebrecht E&C International – Industrial Engineering

A set of principles, concepts and criteria focused on education and work, the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) provides the ethical and conceptual basis for all Odebrecht Group Members’ activities.

TEO’s origins date back to the early years of the Odebrecht Group, when its founder, Norberto Odebrecht, combined the values instilled by his family with his work experiences in the field of civil construction. In the 1960s, he began formulating his perceptions, giving shape to the entrepreneurial culture that would be systemized through the publication in 1981 of Sobreviver, Crescer e Perpetuar (Survival, Growth and Perpetuity) and Educação pelo Trabalho (Education through Work) in 1990.

TEO values human potential, such as the propensity to serve others, the ability and desire to grow and develop and the drive to surpass past results. Its application enables Odebrecht Members to do their work with unified thinking, a common strategic direction and consistent actions, making it possible to meet the needs of their Clients, add value to the Shareholders’ assets, reinvest the results achieved and grow on many different fronts.